Overloading wall light switch usage

How can I differentiate a mechanical/manual change to a light switch vs when a scene triggers the same light switch’s state to change off or on?

I have a wall light switch used to power ceiling lights. I also am using a motion detector to trigger a scene that turns on or off the lights. Simple. However there are times when I want to turn on the lights without the motion detector turning them off (eg. I am in a part of the garage where the sensor can not see me).

What I would like to do is have the sensor detect when I enter and leave the room to manage the light. This is currently working. But I would like to detect if I manually turn on the switch. Doing that would trigger a scene to disarm the sensor (and, of course, turn on the light). physically turning the switch off should turn off the light AND arm the sensor.

What happens is when I enter the garage the sensor turns on the light. THe light turning on triggers the scene which disarms the sensor. Kinda of silly but this is not what I wanted. I want to monitor the action of the switch, not the state of the switch.

Is there any way to do this? Other than adding another scene switch?

You should look into PLEG plugin.
But this would onlly help you if you have a switch with Instant Status (i.e. Leviton or Cooper).

You can test … Change the Switch manually and see how long it takes Vera to notice.