Outdoor lighting - transformer with Zwave

I just replaced my older transformer with a newer one that doesn’t hum so loud with my LED landscape lights. I have this plugged into an outdoor zwave GE receptacle. with my older unit, it had a bypass on/off manual switch that I could just leave on - worked great with my HA setup.

this new one is all electronic (only), and if it loses power (e.g. the zwave switch is turned on/off), it resets to no settings. any ideas how work arounds? I figure someone on this forum is doing the same thing :slight_smile:

From what I read, the problem is with your transformer, not your z-wave switch. You need to talk to the supplier of the transformer to find a setting for always on so you go back to control by z-wave. Or send it back and get on which is always on. I have a transformer for my outdoor LED lights and it is very basic, just on.

thanks… I know it’s the transformer. :slight_smile: A little research on some other transformers indicates they retain the setting even with a power cutoff. so it may just be this one.