OTA - Does Vera support this?

I’m unable to find any method to do this with Vera. What have I missed?

I believe this is for certain gen5 devices only to upgrade firmware and I only heard a while back that vera plus would get the support one day, otherwise you should be supplied a cable with the device. Probably usb.

Thanks Tomcat, a USB cable is supplied with some devices, my question was whether Vera supported OTA.
A USB cable is not practical if the device is a power module mounted behind a switch.
Hence Over The Air support.

Home Seer does, I couldn’t find anything regarding OTA on this forum or on the Unit itself.

I can only conclude it doesn’t (which is another nail in it’s coffin)

Right…I “think” there was hints somewhere around the forum that vera plus would eventually support it but seeing as how vera doesn’t yet support the Echo either where many platforms do and such I wouldn’t hold my breath.