OT: Trane Z-wave thermostat & 3-wire systems

I realize this is a little off-topic, but I’m having a hard time locating information to validate (or disprove) that the Trane Z-wave thermostats support 3-wire systems and can run a boiler for forced hot water heating.

Anybody able to confirm that a 3-wire system would be fine?

I am running a boiler with with 4 zones on a 3 wire hook up to 4 Trane Tstats. I had to replace the original 2 wire runs.

I recently replaced my ancient oil burner used for baseboard heat. It used 2-conductor runs to each thermostat. I put in a Quietside DPW-120A on-demand waterheater (supplies the hot water for baseboard heat as well as domestic hot water). I only replaced 1 of the 3 thermostats and did so with a Trane. For the Trane, I had to run new wire up to it so I could get the third conductor for 24Common. Works great!