OT: Anyone buy Hikvision from an aliexpress dealer?

I think it’s likely that aliexpress is where the U.S. sellers of this brand are getting their inventory. Anyone cut out the occidental middle man?

If you want a Hikvision dealer in the US (located in NJ). Have a look over here:

Get in contact with milkisbad (Frankie Chan). I’ve bought many cameras over a dozen from him. They are non branded Hikvision cameras. Offer 3 year warranty and prices are great. They do not sell to the public, but Frankie will sell to you if you get in contact with him. I’ll be making another order this week.

If you got any questions let me know.

  • Garrett

great @garrettwp, I’m now going to spend more money! :smiley:

I forgot to mention, I love the Hikvision cameras. Great quality and features. Far superior to foscam. Wish I found them sooner.

  • Garrett

Are you able to use the motion sensor for Hikvision? I have a couple and I wish I could use the motion sensor but no can do.

Unfortunately I can’t help you as I use blueiris for my cameras.

  • Garrett

What’s your firmware version? How are you recording?

I record to my hikvision NVR. But then I pull in static video to Vera and use an alarm door sensor to trigger images getting emailed.

Bought most from AloExpress. No problems.

Any recommendations on where to buy Hikvision in/from Canada?