Oregon Scientific GR101 (Body Fat Monitor) - Plugin

I’ve just noticed the following on the MCV wiki site and doing a search i could not seem to find a forum post for it.


Not sure if anyone is using this plugin, or if they have these scales and might want to use it - but as there’s been some great work done, it seems a shame for people not to benefit.

There is a TTS element for the Squeezebox too which make me think (the now ledgendary) Ap15e was involved

@MCVFLORIN- This post can be removed if there is an entry for this else where.

Ap15e is still active but in mute mode.
One of his contrib has been added to the RFXtrx plugin to add support for Oregon BW101, BWR102 and GR101.
It is already in the trunk and so will be included in the next alpha version.

What protocol does this one transmit in? Is it RFXCOM?

They are Oregon Scientific products, so I suppose they use a Oregon protocol.