Orbit B-hyve wifi timer and vera

is there anyway, via app or otherwise, to connect Vera to the Orbit b-hyve wifi sprinkler timer? The timer links and can be controlled by an online web account (https://my.orbitbhyve.com/). if nothing currently exits, is there any other interest in developing an app, if possible?

Thank you in advance.

I’m also interested in a solution - If there is one.


also interested in Vera control or monitoring of B-Hyve

There is B-Hyve control via Alexa, so maybe there is a way to do via the Amazon cloud.

Still have not been able to find much in terms of a public, documented API, but I did find something interesting when I was experimenting with enabling the Amazon / Alexa skill. One of the many interesting URL’s I saw fly across my browser was: https://techsupport.orbitbhyve.com/

If you login with your account, you get access to a few interesting features, and prior to this post, there was also means to modify the firmware. It seems that feature has been removed. The interface looks awfully JSONish.

I replaced my previous Iris sprinkler water flow valve with a similar one-circuit b-hyve wifi valve. It works great on the included app but would be handy to add to the Dashboard of my Vera Plus. I would love to have some industrious developer integrate it to Vera. Any takers?

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I’d be interested in running these from my Vera too.

3 years + and counting Vera… anything here???