Option request - expand all rooms

I would like to know if there is a way to expand the contents of all rooms with one click. I now use an Android tablet and with the larger screen size I find that expanding each room individually is a slow process. I often scan all rooms looking for devices that are not in the state they should be in.
If this is not currently possible now can I make this a change request.

That’s a great suggestion! It should be relatively simple to implement. I’ll put that on the list. Thanks!

What would be even nicer is if it would open the rooms that had devices on. The larger the network the more of a pain it is to open each room to hunt for devices.

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Thinking of this a little more maybe the best idea is the ability to “remember” your last screen settings, what you had expanded and reload those on startup.

remembering last state would be great if possible.

I agree with the ability to easily open tabs and or certain tabs (designated by user). It would also be great if one could group items; all cameras, all locks, all sensors and all switches into individual tabs… My two cents. Mike