I’ve recently been experimenting with Tasker, AutoVera, Autovoice and “NFC Starter Plugin” for Tasker.
I’d like to know if there is any way to quicken the response time using Tasker and AutoVera with either of the other two plugins I mentioned as the trigger for tasks.

One macro I’ve set up runs a task on my Elk alarm system through AutoVera after Tasker detects an NFC tag hidden near my front door with the NFC Starter Plugin. That Elk task then momentarily closes a relay which in turn buzzes the front door for me to enter. I automatically connect to my network as I approach my home and carry out everything over my LAN.

The problem is that it seems to take forever from the time that the phone detects the tag to the moment the door is buzzed. The time seems to vary and occasionally the task will fail outright (I’m guessing it times out). A strange behavior that I’ve noticed is that if I test a task from Tasker, it will take many seconds to work the first time but consecutive attempts seem to be a bit quicker.

Is there a way to optimize this? Could part of the problem be heavy network traffic (even though I have a pretty good router and the traffic originates from my laptop rather than the Vera)?
Thanks for any insights.

Ok, for anyone that finds this thread while trying to accomplish the same thing as me, I believe I’ve figured this out on my own. I’m not sure if every step is necessary and I’ve only done a little testing so far, but the response time is down to a few seconds instead of 30 seconds or more.

On my phone :
I installed Xposed (I had already rooted my phone),
I installed the App Settings module and enabled it,
I set Tasker and all plugins to “Resident” in the App Settings module (overriding their settings),
I went to Settings → Battery → Options → Battery Optimization → “All Apps” dropdown and set Tasker and all plugins to “Not optimized”.

I now have almost immediate execution of my commands with both “NFC Starter” and AutoVoice. :smiley:

I played with battery optimization before as I have had similar effects with other apps and side projects over time. Glad you got it to work. I simply had to respond after reading your signature, lol too funny!

Ah yes, the trials and tribulations of home automation (in all of their forms). :wink: