Operating lamps manually

I replaced some x-10 switches with a Wayne Dalton dimming wall switch and a Wayne Dalton dimming plug-in module. With x-10, both lamps could be operated manually by turning the lamp switch on and off twice and it would activate the ON mode of the x-10 module. How can I get the z-wave switch and module to work this way. Are there options that I can set to get it to turn on manually?

You need load sensing dimmers and then you have to set the custom flag so it works. ACT Dimmers and GE/Jasco dimmers allow this feature, I know of no other modules you can use.

Thanks for the quick response. Where do I find the custom flag?

Look in the advanced settings of the manual, you’ll find the load sensing flag, I believe it’s parameter #29, 1byte hex
Ge/Jasco lamp module manual has all the info

Thanks for the info. After purchasing the GE/Jasco 45609 light switch I find that it does not have this feature. I went to the GE/Jasco website and checked the manuals and found that the 45602 lamp module does do this. Are there any wall switches that can do load sensing?

Trial and error is a wonderful teaching tool, but with z-wave it is an expensive one. :-
BTW, I now have 2 Wayne Dalton dimmer modules and 4 Wayne Dalton Wall switch dimmers that I will sell cheap. :-[

How about if you leave the load sensing feature at the point the lamp is plugged in, either a dimmable plug in module or a non-dimming receptacle, then recycle the current slot/gang used by your switch into a scene controller and make one of the scenes tell the plug in module turn on to a certain dimmed level?

That leaves the plugin or receptacle fully powered at all times to play within the network and gives you load sensing. More interesting though is now you could recycle that now useless hole in your wall that once had a switch by installing a simple one scene controller with no local load ability and hardwiring line and load together from the current switch. You could also turn that dumb old single purpose switch into a multipurpose one using a multi button scene controller. Part of what I’m doing in my project is looking for dumb single switches near home entry points and common gathering points that I can turn into multi button scene controllers. Unfortunately in my case, I find that all my most ideal locations are 3-way and I’m yet to find a load capable scene controller that is not single pole.

In this case of not using a dimmer switch, you do lose the full range of on the spot dim level selection so right there this could fail to meet your needs. But a plug in dimmable module can easily be dimmed by a handheld controller. The options here are many, it depends if you’re open to handhelds and if scene controllers fit in the budget. Handhelds now easily include mobile phones, but dedicated handheld z-wave remotes only take a click or two to set the light to exactly the brightness you like. Permamounting an ipod is a bit posh, and having to whip out the mobile to have Scotty beam up your lamps is a bit like putting your finger and your thumb in the shape of an L on your forehead.

In the case of your 3 way set-up you can use the box with just the travelers and covert just to hot - neutral and place a multi button scene controller. Place the dimmer or switch at the other end and just associate any of the buttons on the controller to the 3- way switch.
Just a thought!

In my application I had a bedroom wall switch that operated a bedside lamp. Typical bedroom setup with no overhead light. I put in a dimmable wall switch to control the bedside lamp, but when I turned out the lamp for the night manually, I could not turn it back on in the morning without getting up and turning on the switch. Of course I could have a scene controller beside the bed, but that’s more expensive than I wanted to spend. I will probably put the old switch back in and use a load sensing dimmable lamp module, GE 45602.