Operate a garagedoor when coming home

Hello…I own a motorbike. When coming home I would like to launch automatically a scene which will send a pulsed contact to a smart implant (fibaro) that operates a garagedoor.
This must only happen when I come home (not when I’m leaving), when on the motorbike.
I’m nearly always connected to a bt device when on the bike, should single out my activity.
I have plenty of neighbours with wifi, so could sense those (with tasker I know it is possible).
But how can I make sure this will only function when on bike and roaming IN the wifi cloud of the neighbour? best regards, Olivier

i assume you have an Android device since you mention Tasker?

Automate(similar to tasker, but not on Iphone) has await personnel activity block which can be set to in vehicle and it can also sense wifi conections. Also you may be able to use pleg or reactor to tell if door has benn closed in last minute or so.

Hello Baxy, yes, Tasker runs on my android phone. I’ve read that geofence is not reliable on

i would suggest Automate also

Okay, but the biggest issue to me is not to sense the context but the direction of the movement. Coming home, open door. leaving home do nothing

automate allow you to specify weather to act upon leaving the geofence or entering the geofence

can you confirm the geofence functionality is reliable?

Built into Vera geofence? Reliable?


I have a setup where I run Vera Secure at my cabin 200 miles away from my home. Even though the Vera Secure is off-site I run a trigger and a scene to open my garage door at home when I arrive home and close my garage door when leaving all without touching anything. I use the geofencing in the native Vera app, Liftmaster 888LM garage doorbell, liftmaster 828LM internet gateway and the Liftmaster MYQ plugin for Vera. I then use a trigger and scene to make it all work.

Set a scene to close your garage door and open your garage door and a trigger to start the scene when you enter and leave the geofencing area. My geofencing area is setup to trigger about two blocks away from my home. I run iOS and need to make sure I grant permissions for the Vera app to always use my location not just let the Vera app use my location while using the Vera app. I am not sure if you need to grant similar permissions on Android.

It has worked great for me so far and I have been doing this for about 2 years now. The only problem I run into is when the Vera Secure goes off line at my cabin. I then need to either reset the Vera Secure, Router or LTE modem to get it all up and working again. You shouldn’t have this issue if running your Vera locally.

Good Luck! It’s awesome when you get it all up and running!