OpenWRT version on the MCV Vera V3


Can anybody tell me which version of OpenWRT runs on the Vera system right now. I’ve not expanded the opkg repository list, but I’m wondering which repo I could use to add some additional software on the vera. I also use FHEM in my house to control FS20 and FHT devices. FHEM is an opensource package which needs Perl. I’d like to investigate whether I’m able to get FHEM running on the WRT and perhaps even get a plugin running so I can integrate it into the Vera websystem.


It is using “backfire” - svn://
Altho I’ve been using /trunk with no issues thus far.

root@MiOS_30001573:/etc# cat openwrt_release
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=“OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1”

I’ve got Ruby running on the device, so I don’t think there would be any issues with Perl.


Thank you Rob!
Let’s hope it contains the packages I need. I’ll try to get a version of FHEM up and running that isn’t dependend on the PGM2 version and only has a cli version of FHEM. A nice place to start scripting upon ;D

Thanks whyter for the info.

Perl is BIG, bigger than Ruby. You might run out of flash space, depending on the libraries you want to install. Good luck.

Thanks for posting this, it definitely saved me building an OpenWRT build environment :wink:

If others are wanting to do the same, presuming you can reuse the trunk version as @whyter lists above, you can do the following (to install packages like [tt]tcpdump[/tt].

For a Vera 3, the pre-built trunk packages for ralink are listed under:

so you can run commands like the following (to get [tt]tcpdump[/tt] installed, for example):

[code]# opkg install

opkg install[/code]

… or you can probably reconfigure the [tt]/etc/opkg.conf[/tt] to make it automatic…

libcap has now rolled a version, and is now:

opkg install

Thanks! Modified the [tt]tcpdump[/tt] example above to use the newer [tt]pcap[/tt] version.

What is the benefit of FHEM?

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