Opensprinkler plug-in

I just installed the opensprinkler plug-in…working fine :grinning:
I have just one small problem…when starting one of my sprinklers (sliding it to 100%) it says it’ll run 6000 seconds (1h40). Is there a way to extend this 6000 seconds?

Thanks for your help,

It will need a new feature to specify a factor, but I’m not investing in this plugin anymore, since Vera is technically dead.

we would be happy to write a plugin for Ezlo…FYI…

Thanks for the quick reply…it’s not a big issue…it stays a very good plug-in :slight_smile:
I just discovered another issue, which is much more important to me.
When i put the opensprinkler on via the opensprinkler application, then it doesn’t show this on the vera plug-in…it just stays at “off” and 0% .
Is this some setting i’m missing ?

Thanks in advance,

Check the polling variable. It’s not getting the status change in real time, but via polling.

Where can I find this plug-in?