openLuup with Imperihome


I created this [url=][/url] to get ImperiHome linked with openLuup. It supports all standard types of devices and if you would set includeVeraBridge to true you could even remove your Vera(s) and do all via openLuup. It is also fairly simple to add support for any plugin. To access local is simple, but also remote is possible as you can read in the instructions.

Cheers Rene

Have you been able to get the Imperihome Vera plugin to work on openLuup. I have not, though, my skills are not what they should be. I do have the plugin working on a Vera lite, primarily for an inexpensive TTS engine. The plugin and its TTS works fine on Vera, but I’d like to load the plugin on openLuup for the added trigger type flexibility that ALtUI gives you. This document outlines the steps to get the plugin talking to an Android device running imperihome: Can Be Done: Vera Initiated Amazon Echo Voice Notification

Now it is working, but I had to copy “ihjson.lua” (as well as the regular device files), from the vera overlay folder to the cmh-ludl folder on the openLuup server, then edit the imperihome “I_ImperiHomeDevice1.xml” to say “local ihjson = require(‘ihjson’)” instead of “local ihjson = require(‘ihjson.lua’)”, then reload luup.

The plugin works well. I also had to download google TTS to my android tablet that hosts imperihome. Then choose google TTS in the system settings for voice.

Picking this up again, i’m running this on OpenLuup without vera, and have a Z-way bridge creating devices in the 20000 range.

These devices doesn’t show in imperihome for some reason, does the ID counter stop before it evaluates these?
I have IncludeVerabridge = True…

Hi Forzaalfa,

I just tested this with VeraBridged devices and then it works. I do not know if the z-way devices are different. The script checks for the device not to be hidden, invisible or disabled. Maybe one of those attributes are missing? That would be an akbooer question.

BTW, if you update the lua file you must reload luup for the changes to be picked up. Did you do this?

Cheers Rene

I did reload luup, yes.

Here’s an example of a device not showing in imperihome:

Didn’t find the “Hidden” variable in this list? No idea why it says “status” is -1 either, it works perfectly…

BTW, i have the verabridge as well, and those devices do show up in imperihome…


I see that the category and subcategory numbers are not set and that is used for most mappings. Is this the case for all z-way devices? Maybe you can ask akbooer why this is.

Cheers Rene

That was it! Tried to set them manually, and the devices showed up.

Any chance of implementing this in the z-way bridge, @akbooer?
(saw the other thread just now, confusing with multiple forums. :smiley:)