openLuup hardware configuration

I have been seriously thinking about transitioning away from my VeraPlus. After 5 years of reliable operation using Vera3s and UI5 at two locations the move to Veraplus and UI7 has been a disaster – and expensive.

I was looking at using a Raspberry Pi with a z-wave interface from, the RAZberry. However the support for the RAZberry seems to be lacking and complained about and I cannot even get a forum authentication email from them. So, I have knocked that idea on the head – I need something (software and hardware) that will be supported in the medium to long haul.

Would this work:…

Raspbian—openLuup—AltUI—Raspberry Pi3—Aeotec Gen5 USB stick

Thanks for comments.


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You have to use the ZWay firmware, but that can be with the Razberry board or the UZB stick.

A number of us have found great success with the ZWay plugin running on openLuup with a variety of processor hardware (RPi, VMs, etc…)

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So are you saying that the openLuup and Aeotec Gen5 combination will not work?

Part of the problem with the RAZberry and the UZB stick is that I can find no supplier in the UK. That’s why I wanted to ask on the forum if there is a UK supplier - but I got no authentication email when I registered so I cannot ask the question!


Amazon should carry it. It did before this mess, and I think it should be come back in stock soon.

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It is availble on Amazon UK

Not seeing the USB version though for the UK. I can get it in NL, and see it availble in other EU countries.

Cheers Rene

Looks like Vesternet has it…

I’m dumbfounded! I searched several times and I did not see either of these. Dooh.

Just one question - are these “blue” versions really Gen5 - I thought the green versions were Gen5.


Yes, they seem to be gen 5 when checking the version information:


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Thanks all!