opening a gate

trying to figure out easiest way to get vera to open a gate at my house. the gate is controlled by a typical RF 1-button garage door remote (rolling code).

is there a module i could just wire in to one of the existing remotes and have vera “press the button” momentarily to open the gate?

Or is there a better way?

thanks much.

There have been a few discussions on how to interface ZWave and garage door openers.

I suggest you search the forum for threads containing “Garage”.

Yes, I did. All those suggestions seem to involve having a wired switch to the opener, which I do not have. They also seem to focus heavily on knowing if the garage is opened or closed, which is not the problem i am trying to solve.

Perhaps i am just not understanding how to apply those tips to my problem?

For example, if i wanted to wire a z-wave module to “press the button” of the battery operated rf remote, what would i need? I presume some sort of momentary contact closure that is not powered (just a way to mimic the button of the remote touching the internal contacts)? I am stumped. Please help! Thanks

I found a post on one of the other home automation sites where somebody had wired a modified appliance module to the RF remote. I’ll see if I can dig it out again!

If you have no other choice than to use the remote then you can modify an appliance module so that it no longer outputs 120V at the outlet but just switches what used to be the hot and neutral together, this you would then wire to the switch on the opener…Alternatively you can do what others have done and used a external 120V relay on the appliance module output and then wire the other side of the relay to the opener switch/button.