openHAB on PINE A64

Just saw this posted on KickStarter:

Any thoughts for openHAB? My Vera setup is stable(ish) right now, but there are a few things that still bother me.
They have a $59 option where you get the PINE A64 1GB unit along with 8GB MicroSD Pre-Loaded with openHAB software, 802.11N Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0 Module, Z-Wave Plus IO Card, PINE64 Power Supply, and the PINE64 Enclosure. You can also upgrade to 2GB of memory for $10.
Seems much beefier than the Vera or less. I’ve been waiting for the Vera Plus to see what they offer, but this is tempting to try

Good to see more low cost, capable, HW options in the pipeline. The sweet spot seems to be the Pine A64+ 2G model for $29 with Feb delivery. Kickstarter bring What it is, expect some slippages.

I would avoid anything with 512M at this point (A64 models for $19) , since you also loose Gig Ethernet… But that’s a personal preference.

The achilles for all the devices tends to be the MicroSD cards, so plan on an external USB for day to day use. After that, comes UNIX support… It typically takes a while for the chip-specific Linux drivers to stabilize out.

Anyhow, you may want to post this question on, since it’ll get more traffic/discussions over there.