Open Sprinkler Control

Hi Everyone, I got a question that I cant seem to find a answer to so decided to post a thread for some help. I have a opensprinkler controller which works great I have also downloaded the opensprinkler app on to my Vera. I have also the world weather app working along with the virtual rain sensor app setup. So I want to create a scene in which the vera will shut off the opensprinkler app only when the rain sensor detects that a certain amount of rain has fallen or is about to fall over the next day or so. So I go into “create a scene” begin by selecting “turning off the Opensprinkler” on the opensprinkler contoller then I go to the trigger scene , this is where I want to set the trigger of the rain sensor being in the armed position to executed the scene but I push the “add trigger” button and nothing happens, all the videos I watch by pushing the add trigger button you get choices. What am I doing wrong.

Sorry if this seems to be a simple question but i’m stuck.

No one has an idea?

Not sure what is going wrong, when I hit the “Add Trigger” button it gives me a list of devices to choose from and then I can select “Virtual Rain Sensor”. Then you would select “An armed sensor is tripped” for the type of event. Finally you select “Device armed is tripped” or “Device armed is not tripped”, then “Confirm Changes” and “Save”.

If you don’t see anything happening perhaps it is an issue with you browser like a security setting preventing the javascript from executing.