Open a specified webpage in a browser

I want a tile/widget that opens a web browser (chrome) and show a specified web page.

The widget “Launch app” doesn’t seem to have an optional start parameter (URL) to pass to the app.
I have also tried the widget “Web page” and have it load a customized html-page with a link with target=“_blank”, but that only opens the link inside the widget itself.

Any suggestions on how to launch a web browser and show a specified web page?

I have also tried javascript inside a html page with no luck.

Solved it by using Tasker. Made a task in Tasker that opens the specified url. Exported that task as an app. Finally I added the widget “Open app” in Imperihome and choosed the app I created in Tasker.

I am still interested in other solutions to this problem.

First time I’ve seen this post.

I’d have recommended exactly what you suggested