Only 6 zones, how to configure for more?

quick one I just got a Veralite today, I installed the DSC plugin (as i have an envisalink 3 with DSC1616). What I noticed is that only my hardwired sensors show up in Vera. is this normal? As on the Envisalink side it sees all 13 of my sensors. The wireless sensors are only window sensors, so from a scene stand point it isn’t overly critcical, just wondering. Also one of the door sensors is showing up as a motion (of course that could be an Envisalink issue)
Also how the heck can you determine what UI the system is using?

UPDATE: OK I found the Wiki page and fixed the door sensor, I am using to get all 13 zones, I just need to add them to the proper variable (example door sensors would be 1,2,3,7,8,9,…etc)

Looks like I will be programming my Zone labels, as apparently the original installer was to lazy to do it.

Changing the variable in the door sensors did not work. It says command was accepted, but when I back out and return to advanced the variable is back to 1,2,3.

So I have 7 wireless window sensors that DSC has as zones 7-13 and within the Envisalink portal it sees all 13 sensors, so not sure how to get this plugin to see all 13 as I did what was suggested on wiki with no luck, any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: All working now had to restart the luup a couple times and it eventually picked them up.