On, Off, On as a condition?

Newb here and if this has been covered I’ve been unable to find it. I have a half a dozen devices to get me started with a Vera Edge. Can you advise for me how to accomplish the following? When walking into the room I would like to flip a dimmer switch on, off, on to get it to turn on the lights to which it is attached to 30%. A sincere thanks in advance.

Look at the multiclick operator.

 Switch@ 2 < 1:00

Thank you sir,
If I could be so bold as to ask for a more detailed explanation as to how to get this to work?
I would so appreciate it and I think it would really help to put me on a good road to determine if Pleg will work well for me going forward. Thanks again…


Have you read the getting start d guide?

I have to some degree. I’ve tried a whole variety of syntax based on this theme…
None seem to work and I find myself questioning the hardware. It is a dimmer wall switch mfg. by GE.

If you do not have instant status it won’t work.

To check …
What your Vera Dashboard.
Ask someone to manually toggle the switch … And call out what they did.
What to see when your Vera detects it.

Very slow to respond. Can you advise in as much detail as possible? It would really be appreciated. In the mean time I’ll be googling the hell out of “instant status” and “Vera” and anything else I can think of…

And assuming this is a hardware issue which is what I’m thinking right now… is there perhaps some clever way around it that would give me the same result?

Not really. Without a switch that responds quickly to vera you won’t get any quick results.

Instant status is about the switch sending a message to vera right away saying “hey I just changed to this” Without instant status the switch chnages then vera has to poll (manually check in with the switch to see it position) every so often. Vera can only do one at a time and only when its not busying doing something else. So when it sits around it starts going in a loop and checking the current status of each switch. This can take from 30 sec to several min’s to do depending on how busy vera is and how many devices you have (take longer to go around a loop if there is more to check on).

Bottomline you want instant status switches especially for switches like this that you want something to happen right away when you change the switch.

GE switches don;t have instant status but they will act as if they do only if they are close enough to talk directly to vera without bouncing threw another device first. Google that for more info.

So I’m finding out the hard way I suppose that HA is still very much in its infancy. Like really, I should have known that if I wanted to do something as sophisticated as On, Off, On to control what it is I am after I needed an Instant Status switch? And where is that listing of those that are and those that are not. As if the price of the hardware is not expensive enough, adding insult to injury is the price of those that are and how few there are available. Am I missing something here? So frustrating.

What I think you might be missing is the fact that cheaper switches are not the same as expensive switches. When you buy a product you should not expect that switch that’s half price of the other one, does exactly the same thing as the other one (even if you feel they are both to expensive anyways). 9 out of 10 times there is a reason why one is cheaper then the other. If you determine you do not need the functions or extra features of the more expensive you go with the cheaper.

Take buy a car for example. You can buy a 20k car or a 120k car and both will get you to and from work and both have windows. But there is a reason for the price difference and it maybe be one or several things (20k to 120k should be alot of things and was an exaggeration ofcourse). It’s your job to decide if you want the 120k car with radar cruise control and 500HP or the one with manual windows and great gas mileage.

Bottomline all switches are not the same or offer the same features. Cheaper switches will more then likely offer less features which you may or may not need. That decision is yours.

I have not seen a complete list of every brand and model of switch that compares them.