On Ezlogic 1.48.1 and still can't save meshbots periodically

I’m still having issues not being able to save meshbots. The save button is not greyed out, but when I click save, nothing happens. The green box at the top right that usually says “saving” isn’t appearing. When I try to leave the meshbot editing screen, it asks if I want to abandon the edit and if I do, edit isn’t saved.
is there something I’m doing wrong?



Hi @BillC ,

Can you send a video recording or clip while having this behaviour pls

If I try to save this 'bot, it never saves Save button isn’t grayed out

Hi @BillC

The customer support team has already opened tickets about your issues. Team is on the issues currently.
We will update you asap on the issues.

Thanks for you patience.

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This happens to me as well but only, it seems, if I leave the browser tab with Ezlogic running for an extended period before trying to do some Meshbot editing. I find that if I reload the page and then write the Meshbot or make editing changes the save process works fine. I am using Win 11 with Microsoft Edge as the browser.

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It just happened again and I had just done a reload

I have seen this problem as well. I find it occurs when you edit a pre-existing meshbot sometimes the save button just stay greyed out after you change things. If I change the name by even one character it then saves replacing the old one. That has been my workaround but its not ideal. I just put an R0.1 at the end of the name and increment it when I have trouble saving.

I also find that if you have a delay on one of your actions and you just change the delay time it doesn’t ever allow you to save it without changing something else like the name. So some sort of bug there that is highly repeatable.

Maybe instead of looking for changes to determine whether to make Save active or greyed out you just always leave Save active? Maybe not worth all the trouble to do all those compares before-after if you allow user to just save it. I don’t it imagine it would hurt it if it got saved b y the same thing (i.e. no changes).

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Hello all
We are checking this issue on our side and gathering all details needed.
We trying to solve it asap.

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