Oil Tank Monitoring

I have been looking for something to monitor my fuel level in my oil tank. Ideally it would be z-wave for low power and talk directly to Vera but I have had no luck. I did find some wireless systems but most seem to be a dedicated connection to their remote unit not using zwave or ZigBee. If someone knows of a Z-wave option please let me know

I did however find a nice ultra sonic unit WiFi based unit from Rollie Systems http://rolliesystems.com/single.pdf

It isn’t exactly what I am looking for as I don’t care about the remote display unit (though for this that is called the local and the tank module is the remote). It appears you can buy just the tank module http://www.fuelminder.biz/rollie%20systems/wtg1%20remote%20tank%20gauge.html but from the instructions the Wi-Fi and configuration are done through the display unit. With the unit being on the network via WiFi and talking to a website for monitoring I am certain their should be a way for Vera to talk to the unit or its website to extract the data.

Does anyone have any ideas or know more about this or even know of an alternative?

Some folks have used MySensor using and ultrasonic position sensor to sense the fluid level in the tank.

I recently got a “Smart Oil Gauge” https://www.smartoilgauge.com/. It has an app with its own text based alerts and there are some API calls.

It uses actual WiFi not its own low frequency signal and talks to the internet to monitor and configure through the app or website (https://app.smartoilgauge.com/login.php).

z-wave solution using a Z-UNO


This seems like a neat idea, though not sure how it would work on a 150-330 Gallon tank of oil that needs to be sealed to prevent dust and excess humidity. Most digital oil gauges are ultrasonic for this reason so they never need to actually touch the oil. Oil also tends to foam and flash during filling and coat everything in the area

If you find an analog sensor, you can wire it to a Fibaro Smart Implant and have it integrated (or a zuno). it’s only a matter of find the right sensor, anyway.

There is also a ultrasonic transducer example if you look closer.
Google also brings different results.

I’m using the LevelPro Sentinel Remote tank level monitoring device for a long time without any trouble and also the support team is very helpful. So you can check this device from Icon Process Controls website: https://iconprocon.com/product/sentinel-remote-tank-monitoring/