Official Beta Release for the next version of Vera

We have a new version of Vera, called Luup. This is a complete overhaul of the current version of Vera. The web-based user interface is mostly the same, but under the hood it’s completely new. There’s also a new cell phone control application, Vera now supports infrared devices for A/V control, as well as Insteon/X10, and there’s a completely new user interface coming soon. With this new version we now have a plug-in architecture that allows end-users to create plugins to do things like check weather online, interface with alarm panels and so on. Over the next couple weeks these plug-ins will be published, as well as links to the new accessories that are supported, such as infrared transmitters. We released Luup for developers several weeks ago to get a head-start on their plugins, and now we have a release for the general public. It has been tested and we have no known bugs, and you should be able to upgrade without incident from your current version.

We recommend anybody who has experienced compatibility issues or other problems with Vera switch to the new Luup release. We will not be releasing any upgrades or patches to the old version anymore, but we will be aggressively fixing any issues that arise with the Luup release. The Luup release also has much improved text/email notifications, and also resolves compatibility issues, such as RCS thermostat temperature settings, and programming of Leviton scene controllers.

To upgrade, choose Advanced, Downloads from Vera’s setup page, and copy+paste the URL shown below in the ‘Firmware URL’ box. Then click ‘Download’. When prompted, you will probably want to preserve your settings. Be sure to read these instructions to learn what changes you must make: