OFF-TOPIC: What do you have for a home theater?

It would seem home automation and home theater might go hand-in-hand. So, what’s your set up? Found anything cool lately?

I have a BenQ W1070 with a Visual Apex tensioned screen at 106"

A Denon X4000 receiver along with a HSU subwoofer, an Emotiva 5 channel amp.

For chairs, I have some Fusion’s with buttkickers installed

Media consumed by a HTPC (win 8.1 currently w/Kodi 14) with a synology diskstation holding far too many TBs. Blu-ray’s are watched through a PS4

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I have an old(er) Sony 52" LCD Tv (going to upgrade to an 80" in the next year or so). I also have a Marantz SR7002, HTPC, PS3, Wii U, OUYA, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon firestick (some are there just for testing and aren’t regularly used: Chromecast, FireStick, and OUYA). The speakers are polk in wall/ceiling speakers with a Pinnacle baby boomer sub and a Polk Audio sub.

I control it all via a Harmony Ultimate remote. Attached are pictures of the front of the rack and the back of the rack (which is contained in my utlitiy room, but has an opening into the living room. Read more about my utlitiy room here:

I realize this isn’t a “home theater”, but it’s the closest I’ll have for a while longer…LOL