Off grid / battery power, vera is the only missing link

Currently I am traveling with my RV and I have some solar panels on top that charge the 12 volt RV batteries. Occasionally I plug into a RV campground but rarely, I also run my generator for an hour every other day. I’d like to find a stable way to run my Vera. I’m wondering if when I get an adapter that fits the Vera plug which is 12 volts, can I run it off my 12v RV battery? However the RV battery would be 12.1v to 13.6v during charging and 14v during bulk charge. If it’s not possible is there a device that can limit the voltage to just 12 volts from a RV batteries? I saw the backup battery options for about $25 but those only last 8 hours and are charged via 120v instead of 12v. We run a tplink micro travel router off of a RV power USB port and it is always running along with a phone that is always in hotspot mode and in the window, so that I have continuous Wi-Fi. The only thing I have to figure out is how to keep the Vera running 24/7 without 120v.

Laptop backup batteries are 19v :frowning:

This scenario would be great to run a security system off grid, while at a camp ground and out on a hike, etc, and get cell notifications.

Hi @Vistewarts

I’m not sure Vera can be powered via USB as suggested by @VeraGator, but, if you have any other way of providing 12V at 1A using the same kind of power connector Vera uses, you should be able to power it up without the need of plugging it into a 120V outlet.

An in-line voltage regulator between your RV and the Vera should do the trick and keep a stable 12v supplied to your Vera. Plenty to choose from out there too.