Odd SChlage Door sensor battery usage.

I have 4 Schlage door sensors. They all work great and are very responsive. The issue I’m having is that 1 of them goes through batteries in about 2 months! The others have been in for 6 months and still show 100% battery (odd I know, but they still work, so I’m not questioning it). The one that was having the issue was my front door. I thought maybe it was because of heavy use, so I swapped it with a door that is never used just to see what would happen.

Well, about 2 months later and it’s almost dead again, ON THE DOOR THAT’S NEVER USED! Is there a way to reset the device? I can only think that it’s awake all the time when it shouldn’t be.

I have yet to try and exclude it and include it again, but before I did that, I figured I would ask (BTW, I’m about to finish the 3rd battery since the very end of July)

Is the polling the same as the rest of the sensors?

  • Garrett

Yup. It has the same default value. 10800. And the wakeups are all the same: 3600

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