Occupied/Unoccupied determination using motion detector

Hi All,

I’ve just purchased a Vera Lite with a motion sensor (Aeon 4 in 1) and double wall switch this week, and I’m trying to set it up as follows:

Motion detected → turn on wall switch for heating & hot water - i.e. House occupied.
If no motion detected for 12 hours → turn off wall switch for heating & hot water - i.e. House unoccupied.

As a bonus, if I could get it to email me a notification if the house is currently “unoccupied”, and it detects motion (i.e. on the Unoccupied → occupied transition) for a basic alarm setup.

Can anyone give me some tips on how I might go about setting it up?

Many thanks,


Figured it out.

Added the App called “Program Logic Timer Switch” - it works a treat.

I’ve added the motion sensor as an input to the timer switch, with a 12:00:00 delay setting. This switch turns the heating an hot water on as actions, plus provides a notifications for state changes. I didn’t need to have any scenes as everything is controlled by the timer switch.