Obtaining address/channel information for Cheat Sheet

The plugin has been working beautifully, but now I want to set up zones. I have a Vista 15P with five zones I’ve been able to verify this morning, and two that I haven’t. I searched the plugin thread for setup, and tried the configuration in this thread, but it doesn’t report the zones in Vera correctly.

I can use AD2USBGUI, but I’m not sure how to extract the Address/Serial # and Channel/Loop # information. Any assistance would be great, thanks!

For wireless sensors you do not need to enable the virtual relay support just enter the serial number of the sensor which can be found on a sticker on the inside usually and for the loop number refer to the sensor installation manual. Usually a 1 or a 2 depending on tbe sensor.

If you can’t find the serial number it is possible to get from in the programming menu of the panel or you might be able to see it in the vera logs when you trip that zone.

Wired sensors only, right now. I’ve replied to the thread over in the NuTech forum, because I think it involves programming virtual outputs at the keypad… I just don’t know the button sequences (past *79)…

oh ok, I don’t have the virtual relay enabled in mine so i cant help with that, my wired zones report but only when panel is not armed which isn’t a big deal for me, all I have in the cheat sheet is zone # and a description for them. address/serial and channel/loop are blank for the wired zones only.

make sure you have the firmware version that supports the virtual relay.

and here are the instructions on how to enable and configure it

Yes–latest firmware, and that’s the thread I posted in. I need to figure out button sequences. I see the steps, but I don’t know what comes after *79.

get into programming mode push *79 and enter in the corresponding number in. here is a link to the programming manual, see pg 10

That’s handy! I have the manual, but I guess I didn’t expect this to be in there… RTFM, I guess.

So to do this, I just need to understand:

Output # (which I suppose should be determined by me, and I’ll coordinate with zone #)
Output Type (which I think should be “1”)
Module Addr (for which I’ll use 12 for the first four, and 13 for the second four)
Relative Position (1 through 4 for 12, then 1 through 4 for 13… I’ll use the worksheet)

…then I need to move on to *80.

…oh, and thanks!

I’m surprised this was the process that everyone used for getting their zones mapped to Vera. I thought it’d be more straightforward.

You only have to do all this if you want your zones to report when panel is armed, otherwise just enter in the zone number and description in the cheat sheet and be done with it. I’m guessing that’s what most people do.

I’ll try that first.

How about that… it worked, thanks! I was overcomplicating things. Now to deal with the duplicate notifications…