Object reference not set

I get “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” if I try to set the dimmer level on a Window Cover device from Grasshopper Move up and move down works fine. (Imperihome and Vera web UI works fine) I’m using Vera firware 1.5.622.

I guess this issue has always been there, I just did not get around to mention it before now.

The window cover device is from the MySensors plugin but I guess that does not matter or does it?


Hi Tomas,

The device should follow the core window covering service, otherwise you wouldn’t see the controls to change stuff. There might be something strange in the data. Problem is i don’t have one of those devices, but i do have dimmer controls which work the same. What i’ve had users do in the past is setup a readonly account that i can access to troubleshoot the issue temporarily. This will allow me to quickly identify the problem and push out a bug fix to correct it. You can email me at: amginecreations@gmail.com I’ll take a look at the code in the meantime and see if i see something obvious though. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Spencer :slight_smile:

You got mail :wink:

Installed the latest update from the store just now and now it works.
Thanks for fixing the issue so fast, I should have reported it months ago.

Have a nice weekend.