NX-8E Exit Beeping & Control Phone Trouble

How do I make my NX-8E and two keypads NX-148E and NX-148E-RF stop beeping during the exit timer?

Also, how do I make the system stop complaining about ?control phone trouble?. I have a system with no phone line attached.

Back story:

Lightening took out my NX-8V2 and I replaced it with an NX-8E. The three keypads were fine and I have the NX-8E mostly reprogrammed with my custom installation information. I don?t have access to the company account file and DL900 software so I just did it all through the keypad.

However, I can?t find which programming location affects the above two values. I did try setting Loc2 to 0, which should set ?communicator disabled?. For good measure, I also changed Loc4 from 12345678 12345678 to ??? ???. Still, every time I try to set the alarm, it complains about having phone line by non-stop beeping from the keypads.

Regarding the exit beeping, I tried to use *EXIT, but that key sequence appears to be ignored on all 3 keypads. (No complaint from the keypad, but also no change in behavior).

Thanks for any ideas!