Nvr and vera

Ok so I have a question and I’m not sure if anyone has thought or set this up or not. So I have ip cameras connected to a NVR and I wanted to view them on vera as well to try to simplify the amount of apps I have to open. The nvr has the ability to multicast. Can this be done or is it just a pipe dream.

i do this with blue iris

Though not impossible, I would recommend against this approach. The vera hardware just does not really have the power to handle videos so well and streaming takes quite a bit of power. The vera has a list of recommended cameras it support along with a section on this forum which discusses it.

+1 Blue Iris. I run it on an old laptop, works perfectly. The iPhone/iPad app for it is perfect too.

I have also tried to view cameras over Vera. It simply does not have the horsepower for video.

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