NuCAL integrations - Cloud Services

NuCAL is a competitor to IFTTT or Zapier. They connect anything Cloud related…

Ezlo users get access to NuCAL as part of EzLogic. There is no extra fee for that. Likes of IFTTT charge $5 per month…NuCAL service is included in EZLO at no charge!

NuCAL team wants us to give them a list of all the “Cloud Applications” we as Ezlo community want to see.

I outlined few here:

August locks
My Q
Hunter douglas
Microsoft Teams
Amazon Cloud Drive
Google Drive
Honeywell Evohome
Honeywell Home
Honeywell Single zone Thermostat
Honeywell total connect comfort
Nest Protect
Nest Thermostat
Netatmo Thermostat
Netatmo weather station
Somfy connected thermostat
Philips Hue
Wemo dimmer
Wemo light switch
wemo lighting
Android (Seref will provide)
Ubiquiti / Unifi
Nest Cam
Alexa Voice Monkey
Google Assistant
Kasa (by TP-link)
HomeConnect (Bosch, Neff, Siemens, …)

Please post here for whatever requirement you may have.

You can already use NuCAL in the “Action” section of MeshBots…(Trigger section for NuCAL is coming soon)

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Nice list, but I would carefully evaluate the options here.

Not all integrations should be cloud based. E.g. a Philips Hue integration should really be based on a plugin / local integration. A local Meshbot can then interact with the lightning without relying on Internet connectivity. Trust me, I hate it if I cannot control my lights if that is caused by an issue with my telco.

Furthermore, a lot of the integrations make perfect sense from an IFTTT competition point of view, but have little to do with domotica. Those integrations should have a low priority. Think of Insta, LinkedIn, Discord, GitHub etc.

Android is on the list, which might point to ‘tasker’ integrations. On iOS, it would make sense to be able to integrate with ‘shortcuts’. This way, I can turn on my coffee machine if I turn off my alarm on my phone (I already have this running on Vera).

For Netatmo specifically, again I would prefer local integration through a plugin, but if integration comes from NuCAL, make sure to include the Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor range as well, the API for that is slightly different from the Thermostat and Weather Station range.


I would add the following services to the list:

  • Sonoff
  • Kasa (by TP-link)
  • HomeConnect (Bosch, Neff, Siemens, …)

However I’m not sure, if that can also be controlled locally (which I would also prefer).

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Whatever can be done locally we will also do locally…
NuCAL only does Cloud integrations…for example its ok for NuCAL to provide phillips Hue integrations, while we at Ezlo might also build a plugin for Hue to operate locally…

So the idea is: to give that option to users. they are not mutually exclusive to us.


added this to the original list for easy reading…Thank you.

I also agree the current AltHue plugin for Vera communicates locally with the Philips Hue Bridge API.

Also Tuya Smart Life and Ewelink for WiFi devices maybe.

That makes sense, it allows the user to select the method that best reflects the use case. If I have two houses, and I want to signal the lights in my primary house if there is a fire alert in the second house, NuCAL integration might work, or a global Meshbot, or meshene.

Might be confusing for some users, so the documentation should reflect the options and pro’s/cons.

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I would be nice with a plug in for the Rfxtrx433 as the one in Vera.

I set up a new Ezlo plus and I do not see NuCAL showing under Integration. Do I need to create a NuCAL account first.

Hi @Tim88 ,

You should see the menu item as “Cloud Integrations”

Can you confirm you also don’t see this item ?

I do have that. Did the name change?