Nube help, please -- trying to get some simple weather logic to work

I’m trying to do something that seems to be me should be very simple, but I’m obviously missing something…

My goal is to turn a roof heater on when the outside temperature falls below 32, and turn if off when it goes above 34. To obtain outside temperature, I installed the Weatherunderground plugin. That seems to be working.

To turn the roof heater on/off based on my new Temperature device, I’m not sure why a simple scene can’t do that, but when that went nowhere, I installed PLEG after reading a number of such recommendations.

I’m attaching a status of my PLEG setup. I can’t see anything wrong other than the fact that my roof heater isn’t turning on (temperature this morning was 31-something).

I’m not sure why this stuff needs to be so complicated, but I sure could use some help here.


[url=]Dropbox - Error

The logic looks like it’s working.

If the ACTIONS are not running it’s because you have BYPASSED the PLEG device.

You need to ARM a PLEG/PLTS device in order for the actions to run (This is the default state, but you may have BYPASSED the device).

Thanks, but the ARM button is green. I just bypassed it and armed it again to be sure, but I don’t think that was the problem…

I appreciate you confirming the logic.

Yet another Vera mystery to me…