NOW WHAT? I cant control VERA3 after trying to tweak "back up" wi fi connectio

Under settings (dashboard) there’s a setting under fail safe option ( to have a back up option if your WI FI goes down) theres an option for wi fi or 3G (dongle) I clicked on a Lowes WI FI as a back up but now I cant get in
Now when i try to connect my controller I get that (no relay error ) I cant get back into controller to take the back up wifi off.
Does anyone know how to get into settings without being able to get into controller?

I would hook a laptop to the WAN port, reboot both devices and wait a few minutes.

Open a command prompt on the laptop and type “Ipconfig /all” no quotes.

This should show you the IP address of the Vera 3

Open browser to that address…

Sorry guys but I need help … I tried using the Ethernet hook up but I can’t figure it out
I hooked it up and did the command prompt & typed ipconfig n got a few numbers. Typed the into the web browser but nothing happens…no internet.
I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to get or what I’m looking for. What is supposed to happen? I’m just ok with computers …not great
Can you give a little more of an explanation of what to do and what I’m supposed to see or look for… Maybe I’m not doing it correctly.
Thanks again
John Thornton

Just the laptop and Vera 3 and Ipconfig showed ??

Open browser and type in // and press enter

This should open the Vera3 web interface, same as access by

If all of this does not work, try a lan port on the Vera3.

I can also teamviewer into your laptop and help you…