Is there a way to make these go away? I have 1.3 installed now which seems to have finally allowed geofence to work however now I am getting a lot of random notifications that state OK and when I go into disable the notifications, now I get those and another notification letting me know I disabled them. I have no need for them and it’s annoying to get 10 notifications all at once which also seem to be historical.

Go to your iPhone Settings → Scroll Down to iViri → Then go down to the Location Services, de-select and turn off both Notify On Enter/Exit Of Region and Geofence Notifications. That will disable any alerts coming from iViri when you enter or exit a geofence. The only notification that you will then get is if you cross a region and there is no network connection available you will get an alert to manually perform the geofence region crossing. This can occur on most phone networks when someone is on the phone and the region is crossed or if your phone is switching from wifi to 3G/4G/LTE and it determines there is no sufficient network connection yet available.

I have done that and it seems to still be sending notifications. Is there not a way to completely disable notifications, even if I cross regions and it doesn’t have enough info? I use vera alerts right now for things, so don’t need another application sending out notifications.

You are going to have to give me the specific notification that you are referring to. If you changed those you will need to double click your home button and swipe iviri off of the screen and then go back in and restart it for it to take affect. The only other notifications you will receive is for failed stuff such as it failed to make a network connection or it failed to turn on and off a geofence region.