It started yesterday,

I now get up to 17 notifications for 1 event. Lock my front door and I got 15 text messages. One of my scenes go off for my trane thermostat and 17 text messages. I have unlimited text messages, but for some one who does not this may be a bad thing.

Is this happening to any one else? WHY? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

No idea why, but I got about 6x notifications this morning when I armed the house.

One “more or less” immediately and then, after about 5 minutes, the remaining 5 came in with 30 second gaps in between.

This has been happening off and on for weeks now. Sometimes I get just one message for each event, but I can receive up to ten or so emails for the same event.

Since I received so many duplicates, I am probably at the daily limit set on I looked and the number sent said 0. I am not receiving notifications now, so I tried to reset the counter. That came back with a reset failed message.

I’ve been getting quite a few of the same also for various things for about a week now also.

For a single front door unlock event, I received over fifteen emails today, all within about ten minutes.

similar multiples here. I guess I’d rather get dupes than none.

I was having a couple days with the string of duplicate notifications, then it stopped for awhile. Getting them again today. 7 for a door unlock, then 5 more. Nothing changes on this end. Comes and goes.

Are all of the extra notifications related to door locks?

The extra notifications seem to occur on notifications from any device.

The only notifications I have set up are 1) schlage lock and 2) ge outdoor switch. Happens on both. 2 seperate vera2s - both 1.1245. One 2.78, other 3.2.