Notifications with Meshbots are now Live

Hi all,

Now you can create any notification through meshbots Actions both in Local and Cloud Meshbots,
Just select Notifications under Controllable Type,

and you can select the users to be notified and the channel of notification


You should receive your notification push messages through both vera mobile and Mios apps and email channels.

And we have a new type of meshbot for just notification purposes.

So go ahead and try our meshbot notifications.


Hasn’t really worked for me. Even with this “new” update (I’ve been able to select notification under controllable type for some time now), I still only get push notifications - no e-mail notifications come through.

Of course, I can’t do things like check/change the e-mail address for any given user either (from EZLogic or the vera app…)


I set up a basic Meshbot notification to let me know when my door lock changes state (locked or unlocked). However, for some reason I get 3 identical emails (and 3 push notices) for each state change.

I have an Ezlo Atom, connected to a Kwikset door lock. The meshbot settings are: Device_KitchenDoor_Lock__Status_==_True

So how can I stop getting multiple messages for each time it is locked or unlocked?

Also, since the “capability” under the meshbot is set to “Lock” – shouldn’t it trigger only when the door is locked (not both locked and unlocked)? Otherwise, what is the “true” referring to? I would think “false” would mean unlocked; and “true” would mean locked? But it seems to not work that way.

Hi @Smith_Fred,

We will investigate this issue.
Thank you.

Okay Vera is involved here too – don’t know if that’s the issue. Frankly I don’t understand whether I should be using the Vera app or the MiOS app now. Both work. But I was told to get ANY notices, I had to use the meshbots on the MiOS app. Notices stopped working via Vera (although they worked in the past).

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