Notifications UI4

Since the upgrade to UI4 notifications have nearly stopped. When looking @ the user setting in cp.mios it shows many notices that are not usually delivered but sometimes one really does get delivered via SMS and email. This worked fine until the upgrade. Any ides what is going on here and what a fix might be? Thanks

I am really new to Vera. I started on the current 1.1.1047 firmware version and have found the notifications to be unreliable from the start. I’m blaming it on the constant rebooting that the unit does due to the current firmware code. I am hoping that the next firmware version cleans it up.

Most of this is server controlled, with a small hook within Vera that “calls” out to servers to indicate it wants to send something.

The evolution of the service(s) backing the stuff is different than the client (Vera/MiOS) software versions, so it’s possible they added a feature, or fixed a bug, and have caused other issues.

If you have specific cases that aren’t getting through like that, and they’re clearly in the logs on, then I’d recommend filing a Ticket against them to have them look it up (provide specific Id’s as examples).

Perhaps they have something going amiss on their servers that they’re not aware of, or they’re getting SPAM-blocked by an SMTP Relay (etc). Unless they have monitors on all this stuff, it’s easy for stuff to go un-noticed and the “Ticket” against them will get them to check it out (in time)