notifications stopped in the iOS app

i had notifications since first install setup on certain devices, mainly doors opening, and for a couple of weeks these have stopped.
I dont want emails for every notification so i set the emails to 1 a day but i used to get the notifications in the app on my ios lock screen etc and they have stopped, any ideas ?

What iOS app are you using, VeraMate had issues with alerts for a while last week or the week before but it’s fixed now.

i use the vera app by mios

I’ve noticed that the Vera app by Mios (aka VeraMobile) sometimes sends me an alert when I leave home, or return - and sometimes it doesn’t. There’s no rhyme or reason regarding when it does or doesn’t alert me…

I have removed and reinstalled it and it’s still not sending alerts this is the last straw I’m going to move everything back to domoticz and cut my losses on the veraplus and get rid of it.

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