Notifications - Ezlo Plus Schlage BE469

Hi, I have three Schlage BE469 Connect locks. For two I continually receive notifications both push and email for “unit notification” “door has been locked” when I lock it. I have no scenes or meshbots to send these notifications. I have contacted Ezlo support and after several weeks, they say to wait until the next software release to see if that fixes the issue. The only way to stop the notifications is to turn off push and email notifications. But now I can not receive any notifications for my devices that I need these for. Any solutions? Thank you.

Hello @dmacaskill

We have created a support ticket for you (303810), check your inbox and let us know, please.

Ok thank you. I’m’m new to the ezlo community and did not know tickets would be open. What’s the process now? Would someone get back to me with a resolution via email or on this site.

Thank you.