Notifications Down?

I just got a kwikset lock and was testing some of the notifications and am not receiving any, I tried a test notification and still nothing even though it says it was sent, the current daily email amount is 4 with the max set at 20.

anyone else having problems?

I think mine skipped some earlier too.

Notifications stopped, for me, about 19 hours ago.

Me too. Notification stopped sometime 12/1/2012. At least I’m glad to see I’m not alone on this.

I see notifications in the log but nothing coming through email to me. I an SMTP server down somewhere that these notifications rely on?

My email notifications stopped also. Some notifications that I set up are now missing from the device profile. I can’t seem to add them back in either. ???

I set up a new VeraLite system (my first) yesterday (Dec 1) and no notifications were sent during my testing, either.

While I’m glad to hear this doesn’t seem to be a configuration setting or specific hardware problem in my system, this is disconcerting…

Let me ask other users, is this normal? Can I expect long outages of basic functionality like this?

Does anyone have statistics on the reliability of the notification system?

I haven’t received a notification email since 12:35am on 12/1 but my system has initiated at least 20.
Tried updating the notification email address but the confirmation notice never gets through either on any address.
Been down about 36 hours so far.

Me email notifications alerts are also not work does anyone know when it maybe fixed?

[quote=“Educoder”]You’ll notice nearly all the people posting about this are newbies. I suspect it’s because more senior people have experienced it enough that they are indifferent to it. So it is probably not a rare occurance. They probably have workarounds that do not depend on MCV’s SMTP service. I have LUUP scripts that are still sending me my device status emails through SMTP2GO despite this failure.

To me this is a toy and if you intend to use it for critical needs you will be disappointed. You’ll find scheduled automation behaves untimely as well.[/quote]
Fair enough, but again, disconcerting. I see there are some SMTP plugins available, I’ll work with those.

I have been using Vera for two years now and to my recollection this is the first time that I’ve seen such an outing. Yes I too haven;t received any notifications since some time yesterday. But you can be safe, remove MCV from the equation and use Vera Alerts to send your notifications.

I use notifications plugin and use alternate systems… I have had great luck with Prowl and get notifications near instantly.

My only wish with Prowl is timestamping and ability to add more detail but for the most part I am happy.

Yeah this gave me a reason to try out the vera alerts pluging with the android app and I am so happy I did, what a great app and it is very fast.

Educoder - We don’t need self serving postings like yours - it’s not helpful.

BTW your status is “Newbie” also. ;D

Glad I found this thread!
Notifications are down for me starting Nov 30th!

So what app alert can a iPhone user set up for alerts. Don’t see a alert app

Search the mios app store for push notification app

Notifications seem to be working again…

Hi just wondering if you can tell me what app this is and where you got it I had a look on the micasaverde site and couldnt find it?

MCV App Store:

Vera Alerts Plugin Doc Page:

Android App Store:

Post a review!