Notifications coded as global scenes ...

While testing my LOUIS4Vera Luup plugin, I came across some inconsistencies in scenes:

for u,v in pairs(luup.scenes)



lists all scenes, but UI4 doesn’t display all of them. The missing scenes are from room 0 (global scenes), not hidden and have the following user_data structure

            "name": "K tripped",
            "notification_only": 16710,
            "id": 71,
            "Timestamp": 1281046281,
            "room": 0 

Obviously, they are notifications coded as global scenes …

Is there a Luup way (without parsing user_data …) to identify these ‘notification scenes’?

BTW, the Smartphone plugin has the same problem …

I was looking into Smartphone plugin to filter those annoying scenes out… :slight_smile: