Notification tones over alarm stream on Android?

Hi,would it be possible to have the option to specify a notification tone to be played over the alarm stream on Android?

For example the regular day to day notifications would be tone 1 and play like they do now. If I silenced my phone the tone would not sound.

However, I set tone 2 to play over the alarm stream it would sound even if my phone were on silent. This would be useful for things like flood sensor notification.


The only ability to suppress tones is to use the quiet time mode in Vera Alerts to suppress a user defined set of tones.

I’m not trying to suppress the tone.

I already change my phone to silent mode at night. So I do not hear any notifications at night.

However, my alarm will still sound because it plays over the alarm stream. It would be good if VeraAlerts could do the same for critical notifications.

I will add to list.