Notification sounds

So i set up Vera Alerts, and it’s working…but…
In the phone app there is 5 “alert levels” that you can change the sound for.
How in earth can I set different notification sound for each device?

I want a specific notification sound if my garage door is opened,
and a different sound if my fire alarm triggers.

Can’t figure out how to do this.


Where X equals the number of the tone you want to play from 1 - 5.

Example: {tone:2}{BGColor:Green}The garage door has been opened.

Yes I know that but there is only place for one sound in the Vera Alerts plugin.
Or do I have to create a new profile for each device?

Don’t worry about the Vera Alerts Plugin. Open the Vera Alerts app on your Android device, go to Settings, scroll down to Alert 1 (default), Alert 2, etc. Tap on any of the alert numbers there and browse for the sound you want to use.

Sorry if I’m not understanding your issue 100%.

ok, the problem is I want different sound for different things.
If my garage door opens I want certain sound.
If my front door is opened I want some other sound sound etc.

So how do I choose which device play which of the 5 sounds?

You’d do this:

Upload 5 different sounds. For this explanation, we’ll call them sound1, sound2, sound3, sound4 and sound5.
To upload each sound, you’ll go to settings → select each Alert number, and browse to the corresponding sound file. (sound1, sound2, etc).
Once that is set, you’ll go into your Vera Scenes, create a scene when you door opens, add a Vera alert notification for each sound:
{tone:1} <— that would play your sound1 sound file.
Another scene for your front door would be a Vera alert notification with the text:
{tone:2} <— that would play your sound2 sound file.

Rinse and repeat for all five sounds.

This doesn’t sound right.
Do I really have to create a scene just to play a certain notification sound?
I tried to do that but there is nowhere I could:

“add a Vera alert notification for each sound”
Where in earth do I type the:

Sorry, but I’m totally out…

There Vera Alerts mobile support the ability to embed Sound Files Names in the message. This is called earcons

i.e. a message:
Stop … attack … <>


Is it in the “message override” section in the vera alerts plugin i write the “{tone:1}” etc ?
Doesn’t anybody really know how to do this?

[quote=“thief, post:9, topic:198606”]Is it in the “message override” section in the vera alerts plugin i write the “{tone:1}” etc ?
Doesn’t anybody really know how to do this?[/quote]

I explained how to do this exactly in my post. You need to create a Vera scene for these. Let me know if you need a detailed guide on how to do it step by step.