Notification on the Mi Casa Verde Site

When I set up a notification for instance. To send a text to my phone that a door has been unlocked or locked. Can I set the parameters say what days and time I actually want the alert to be sent to my phone? I know of the Veramate on the phone I can input that in on Iphone but I dont see a option to do this from the Mi Casa Verde interface website???

Hi Brian

You can do this by creating a scene that gets triggered when the door is locked/unlocked, and getting a notification on the trigger. You then put some LUUP code on your trigger which cancels it if it doesn’t match your particular times.

It requires a little bit of scripting, but not too overboard. For example, something like this I’d add this LUUP code to the trigger to only activate the trigger between 1300 and 2300:
current_second =‘*t’,os.time())[“hour”] * 3600 +‘*t’,os.time())[“min”] * 60
min_time_in_seconds = 13 * 3600 + 0 * 60
max_time_in_seconds = 23 * 3600 + 15 * 60

if (current_second > min_time_in_seconds) and (current_second < max_time_in_seconds)
return false
return true

And don’t forget to select to be notified on the trigger.