Notification of device turned off

I’m using an Everspring HT814 temperature sensor. I took the batteries out to shut it down. Surprisingly, my UI5 didn’t inform me in any way that my Vera was unable to communicate with the device. Is this the way it should be?

Tried to setup a notification feature, but I’m not sure which variable I should use. The CommFailure did become 1 (true), but didn’t change to 0 as my Vera started to read temperatures from the sensor again.


I think I mentioned this before, but I think the BatteryDate is the one variable that is updated the most, so create a scene with a notification that looks for when that data has not change in xx mins

It is my understanding that Vera will poll for the battery level every 3 hours. So I would expect the [tt]BatteryDate[/tt] to increment in 3 hour intervals, unless your configured wake-up interval is larger than that.

From memory, I thought that Vera will only get concerned after a week of not being able to get the battery level (i.e. the [tt]BatteryDate[/tt] being over a week ago?) and show the black-battery-and-question-mark icon.

Also, depending on your poll interval, the unsuccessful poll count will presumable go up if your device is offline, but I don’t think that triggers any sort of notification.

So given this input and your needs, customize from there?