Notification Help

I installed Vera Alerts and HomeWave Push Plugin. I created a test notification on a light turning on. If in Vera I go to Account → Alerts I can see Vera is getting an Alert but it is not going through Vera Alerts. I can send a message from Vera Alerts and it works fine and pushes it to the HomeWave Push Plugin so no problem there.

Could some one tell me what I am doing wrong. The Alerts are in Vera’s Alerts and my understanding is Vera Alerts catches these and takes over.

Click a user (cholcolm or sholcolm).

Do not forget to back to Vera Alerts (Notification Configutation) after you change a notification (in this case a destination).

OK, the one thing I didn’t do in my testing was go back to Vera Alerts and click on the Notification Configuration tab. That did it, now I can go back and delete all my scenes there are doing nothing but sending notifications through prowl. Thank you, this is much better.

And Vera Alerts has another happy IOS ;D client.