Notification from Vera2

I can’t get the sms notification to work in Vera2 ???
I would like to have an sms notification from some devices to my Danish mobile(country code 45) and let’s say phone number 11 22 33 44.
Can somebody tell me how to put the numbers correct in the phone number settings box in Vera2.
The mail notification works fine, but have never had any luck with the sms part.

There don’t seem to be many selections for other countries.

For me here in the USA I just put in the number and nothing else (no dashes) other than my carrier that is listed.

I also have a UK number with 44 as the country code and the phone number being in this format: 07973XXXXXX
To SMS a UK number internationally then the UK is a bit special as you drop the leading 0 and thus the number becomes +447973XXXXX, so I’m not sure if you have to do something similar for Danish numbers?

Have you tried putting in just +45 in front of your number? You could try USA for the country and other as mobile provider with this perhaps… +4511223344

I assume it should work for countries outside of the USA as there would have been more complaints I guess.
If I can find my UK sim card later then I’ll try to see if I can get that working.

I have tried the +45 in front but not with the US as selected country. I’l try this later on. Hope you find your uk simcard to try that. Maybe Micasaverde would be so kind to insert the Nordic(Denmark, Sweden and Norway) countries as default in Vera.

Send your self an email from your SMS function in your phone.
Ie, instead of sending to a phone number, enter an email address.
Then check your email, it should have a reply to as your email gateway address which will translate the email to an SMS.
Then just send it as an email…

Hi, tried this and the mail returned xxxxxxxxxx@mms.mnc001.mcc242.gprs.

Tried to reply, but the gmail delivery subsystem retuned with: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently.

Other solutions/comments?