Notification for veraedge alert


I wonder if I could send an email or using veraalert to send a notification when my veraedge generates an alert (e.g., device not responding).


I will add that to the todo list … This is a good UI7 feature.

until you get endless messages all day long… UI7!

Would it be possible to distinguish between normal and high priority alerts? When you activate SMS, all alerts go to both, where the SMS has a 2 message limit per day. I think there is a huge difference between health alerting/notification (devices being unreachable, batteries running out) and real alerts (fire alarm, burglar alarm). I wouldn’t like the health alerting take away those 2 SMS messages, and a fire alarm only being send by e-mail…


My vera is pretty stable right now and I only receive one or two messages in a few days :). I look forward to this new feature Richard :).